Remembering to BE Who we Are

~By Beloved Heartsong Fall 2008 I have had several write me recently about how to “see” and “BE” with what is going on in our world now. Many are concerned about money, the economy, the political scene, and what I am most concerned about is the spiritual community of the world. Who are we as the millions of light players on the planet living our daily lives? Who ARE we…

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Our Gift to Our Children and Their Future

~By Beloved Heartsong Published in Durham/Chapel Hill Herald Sun Dec. 6, 2005 Originally published in Inner Change Magazine- August/September 2002   There is a discrepancy between the perception of what a child is through the eyes of an adult, and the truth of who they really are. This vast sea of perception is the mass consciousness we all draw upon and replenish. Within this infinite spectrum of understanding comes the…

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Inner Dialogue on Expectations

~ by Beloved Heartsong Originally published in Mountain Spirit Chronicles, Mt. Shasta CA- Winter 2007/Spring 2008 I’ve been thinking about expectations a lot lately ~ noticing within how I occasionally set myself up for disappointment. I expect a stranger to be polite, hold the door, smile and even say hello. I expect my son to eat what he is served and appreciate it. I expect my cats not to scratch…

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How to Fill the Space of Your Temple

Quan Y’in as Channeled Through Beloved Heartsong Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2002 Beautiful ones, space within you holds light. Space without you holds light, but what else does it hold? It holds your thoughts and it holds your love. It holds your dreams and your fears. Think about what you wish to surround yourself with. If you could compose the inside of your frame, how would…

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Beloved Prayer

Effective Prayer

~By Beloved Heartsong Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- April/May 2003  It seems there is so much to pray for and so many who “need” our prayers! Through the very act of calling forth divine intervention, it may be that we are overlooking a very important fundamental truth. We are all One So if…. We are all One and one with All, we are already that which we seek.…

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Sacred Tantric Dance

Dancing the Divine

~by Beloved Heartsong Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- February/March 2006 Also published in Mountain Spirit Chronicles, Mt. Shasta CA- Summer/Fall 2006 Time seems to be speeding up at ever increasing rates. Trying to keep up the pace is no longer a challenge – even for someone who is great at organizing and multi-tasking. I find myself wanting to wave the white flag of surrender. I have realized that…

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circle of children

Circle Vision

~By Beloved Heartsong Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- December/January 2003   Spiritual Community is a term that conjures many interpretations, but for me, it represents the co-creation of intentional expansion of awareness of all that truly makes us whole, while dismantling and dissolving the illusions of fear and separation within our selves and from each other. Through the years,  on many occasions, I have invited the public and…

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enchanted forest

Awakening & Communicating with the Spirit of YOU!

by Beloved Heartsong Learning how to communicate clearly, effectively and comfortably with our inner voice, Higher Self, God, universal life force, angels, ascended masters, Higher cosmic intelligence, is the most important work we can do. Who we are in our lives, relationships and out in the world can be greatly enhanced, directed and supported in gentle, powerful, loving and healing ways as we understand and become empowered from our own…

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Answering the Call

~ by Beloved Heartsong So often we go to battle with ourselves- our minds, hearts, bodies and Spirit at odds with each other. Each aspect of Self seems to be trying to manipulate and win the others over, talking us into things or holding us back, or seeking answers from others when we can’t seem to get clear within ourselves. We all know this dynamic. The good news is…Uncertainty can…

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A Coming Home

~By Beloved Heartsong   “Oh my Beloved, Kindness of the heart, Breath of life, I bow to you. And, I’m coming home.” From Snatam Kaur’s chant “Ong Namo” on her CD entitled “Grace”.       We are so hungry; so desirous. We are consumers; our thirst is unquenchable and our longing unconsumed. How will we fill the seeming unfillable void within? Nothing seems to satisfy our longing and ravenous…

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