A Coming Home

~By Beloved Heartsong   “Oh my Beloved, Kindness of the heart, Breath of life, I bow to you. And, I’m coming home.” From Snatam Kaur’s chant “Ong Namo” on her CD entitled “Grace”.       We are so hungry; so desirous. We are consumers; our thirst is unquenchable and our longing unconsumed. How will we fill the seeming unfillable void within? Nothing seems to satisfy our longing and ravenous…

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music is life

The Gift of Music

by Beloved Heartsong Archangel Uriel as channeled through Beloved July 6, 2000 Originally published in Inner Change Magazine- June/July 2003 Have you ever danced in the magical flow? The love created through interaction with music expands as light mingles with sound, creating energy patterns, vibrations and healing for the entire universe. The song of all life fills all with harmony and peace – a union of spirits – the song…

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The Unified Field of Love

~By Beloved Heartsong Published in Mountain Spirit Chronicles, Mt. Shasta, CA Summer/Fall Issue 2009 In the Unified Field of Love of All That Is, we bask. We bathe. We ARE. It is in this Cosmic Grace that we are held, loved, and nurtured on the deepest levels, always. Through the opening and unfolding of this consciousness, we have our mystical, profound, heart opening and life changing experiences and revelations. It…

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The Gifts of Spirit Through LaHo-Chi

by Beloved Heartsong Director of the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2002 As I reflect while writing this, I am once again in awe of the many ways in which my life has been blessed and changed by the gift of LaHo-Chi. I took the Level I workshop in 1995. Since then, I have continuously been amazed and thrilled with the infinite…

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The Gift That means the Most: Our Presence

~by Beloved Heartsong There is nothing more powerful and desirable than our full attention and awareness in the present moment. From this place we can joyously create our future, our health, our relationships and true happiness. Being fully present for ourselves and others is the greatest gift we can bestow. In this era of high technology, it gets easier and easier to multi-task and lose sight of the fact that…

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The Blessing of Chaos

~By Beloved Heartsong Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- June/July 2004 All of the dreams of humanity experience a conception, a shifting, a re-shuffling and then a birthing into light. This is not a finite process, but one in which creation is ever changing, ever evolving into greater levels of clarity and refinement. This is what many call chaos. And, chaos is a term that feels uncomfortable to most.…

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Findhorn, Scotland

Spiritual Perseverance

~By Beloved Heartsong   Deep within the psyche of humankind is the capacity, ability and drive to persevere. Although developed and genetically stored as a survival tool, it has become a spiritual ascension tool. In the spiritual evolution of man, survival often meant you had to keep your beliefs under wraps. Truth cost lives, trials, torture, death and even wars. It wasn’t safe to believe in God; specifically your own…

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Peru Doorway

Spiritual Bypass

by Beloved Heartsong Feb. 2011  Spiritual bypass is the use of whatever means we employ to not deal with what is true and real within our emotional bodies. We can all see the places in our lives that aren’t working as well as we would like. Why they aren’t most often stems from unconscious belief systems. If we knew what they were, we would have addressed and fixed them. We…

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