patriciambowersindiaPatricia M. Bowers is an intuitive, visionary artist and poet who was born into a Canadian farming family of nine. Patricia is dyslexic and  struggled in her school years with academics. At 17, she was accepted by a small community college into an art and interior design program. It was here she learned and worked with a variety of art mediums, but it was painting that touched her heart. She married while in college and later assisted her late husband for many years in a series of retail businesses.

Meeting of the Minds~ Song of One Meeting of the Minds~ Song of One by Patricia M. BowersIn 1993 while spending time in California she experienced a number of tumultuous environmental and shocking events. Patricia began to see, hear and feel energy that propelled her back to her art. In 1997 Patricia began to work with the ancient sacred art of Mandalas.This art form would linfinitelovecoveread her on a journey of facing her fears and of personal discovery. She has written and published a book of poetry and art called Infinite Love~Love and Life Enraptured. Patricia is happily remarried and  works from her home studio/gallery in Bradenton, Florida.

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