Circle Vision

circle of children~By Beloved Heartsong

Originally published in Inner Change Online Magazine- December/January 2003


Spiritual Community is a term that conjures many interpretations, but for me, it represents the co-creation of intentional expansion of awareness of all that truly makes us whole, while dismantling and dissolving the illusions of fear and separation within our selves and from each other.

Through the years, on many occasions, I have invited the public and friends to come together for what I call “The Circle”. In the circle, those who attend have the opportunity to participate in group meditation, channeling, energetic healing, socializing and networking.

As I teach, I open my heart to those who wish to gather in the circle, and hold the intention that we consciously choose to create sacred space for our spiritual awakening. We come together to build spiritual community in hopes of nurturing, healing and uplifting ourselves, each other and our world.

The circle is not only a shape. As we gather, it becomes a human mandala. People have gathered in circles throughout time for all types of ceremonies and occasions. The circle is a call to Spirit. It is representative of our center, our Source. It is where we find balance wisdom, love and power. In the circle, we are all equals and experience the beauty, truth and Grace of each being as an integral part of the whole.

We share who we are, our fears, hopes, dreams, wisdom and lessons – knowing that as we do, we can all benefit from each others experience. There is no shame or unworthiness in the circle- only unconditional love and acceptance. We become open vessels of support and compassion, creating the safe space to bring our vulnerability and wounds to light to heal. Our inner and personal journeys become the collective journey.

As the energy of those in the circle merges, the presence of All becomes One.

Separation dissolves and we experience ourselves as a unified whole. We experience a state of Grace that puts us at ease, at peace and in a state of expanded awareness. This group experience is nurturing and healing and creates a beautiful and profound bond- turning strangers into family.

As we share who we are in the circle, our gifts and strengths are brought to light. We connect more fully within and find there the strength and support we need to move through our challenges and to confidently and joyfully embrace life more fully through the intentional opening of our hearts, souls and minds.

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