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Spiritual Energetic Healing


Arcing Light

Learn this beautiful way to heal yourself and others!

Arcing Light Healing purifies, balances, and integrates the chakra centers and opens and aligns all the energetic bodies with the higher realms of Angelic consciousness.

“In this one day experiential course, you will be activated into and will learn how to work with and in the subtle energy fields around the physical body. This is very gentle, loving and yet powerful energy that opens the facilitator and receiver to much Grace, love, multi-dimensional awareness and profound healing.” – Beloved

Arcing Light is an amazingly gentle, beautiful and yet powerful form of energetic healing from the Angelic realms. These sessions are very relaxing and help clients release stress, pain, depression and energetic blocks. In sessions, the client is fully clothed on a massage table or in a chair. Most clients experience a state of deep peace and the feeling of being profoundly supported and loved.

With Arcing Light, the work is done primarily in the energy field off the physical body. Even without direct contact, clients notice how palpable the energy is and how wonderful it feels. Because this lifts the frequencies of all the energy bodies, it restores balance and alignment and harmony to the physical, mental and emotional fields. After sessions, clients notice a distinct restoration of balance and rejuvenation and a feeling of deep peace and love.

**Note From Beloved about the term “Healing”: The Unified Field of Love that is the collective consciousness of God, Source, Spirit, Life Force, of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms and ALL life in its infinite expressions, are always available and ready to support, lift, heal and bless our lives as we open to receive the love and truth and fullness of who we are. To experience this field, all we need do is call our attention, perception, heart and awareness to it. This affords us true healing of our misperceptions and limited thoughts and beliefs.

We may perceive being separate from it, yet we are not. And, living in the truth and remembrance of this understanding holds all we do in a greater light. Arcing Light, LaHo-Chi, Angel Light and all “Healing” modalities, as an energy “lives” within us and we within it as this Unified Field of Love. So, as you receive the Arcing Light session, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are participating by bringing your focus, attention and deeper awareness to being held and essentially “lifted” in the light, healing, and Grace of the Unified Field of Love.

This is why continuing to spend time receiving or giving energy work or “healing” often brings profound spiritual growth and opening. Miracles occur with regularity from this place- not only in Arcing Light sessions, but also as we choose to bring and hold our attention to integrate all of our lives within it and the unlimited possibilities of love.

For some, a series of 3 or more sessions is ideal. Whether you have a specific issue you want to work on or not, ongoing sessions are a great way to de-stress and call the experience of more light into your life.

Those who typically do not experience inner vision or sense energy in their bodies, notice that Arcing Light opens their awareness in many ways. They sense and feel their body and energy more clearly. In regards to teaching this work, my students say this workshop is a lot of fun! They love learning to “play” in and tune in to themselves and each other.

Whether you wish to receive a session or learn how to give sessions to others, I highly recommend this work. It can easily be used with other modalities and is extremely effective. Sessions can also be done remotely with great effectiveness.

If you would like more information, would like to take a class, or to schedule a session, Contact Beloved.

**©Arcing Light teachings came through Lorna Malmberg from the Arch-Angelics. (2001-2002)