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Here’s the News….
February 2021


Dear Friends,

After such a trying year, I hope this finds you and your loved ones well and happy.

As  we near Valentines Day, I’ve been filled with gratitude as I think about the moments and love I have  shared with so many of you… my friends, clients, and students through the years. I hold all of you in my heart and  in my prayers and as I count my blessings.

It’s been a few years since you have heard from me last.  In that time, I helped my parents through their years of dementia and transitions, helped my special needs brother through that process as well, moved back to Mt. Shasta, CA in 2018, bought a home and spent 2 years renovating it. I created a beautiful sanctuary in the trees that is especially designed for myself and others  who are EMF and chemically sensitive. I also have an event space in my home that I use for my house concerts, classes, and to rent to those who would like to host their own events here.

I am still  directing the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing and plan to resume teaching LaHo-Chi and  Sacred Tantric Dance for Women  later this year. I also plan to host another Journey to the Sacred Mountain Retreat this summer.

During 2020, I have been spending joyous time with my three grown children and receiving more music. In 2001 (20 years ago!), after channeling the ascended masters, angels and spirit guides for years, I started receiving channeled music. It all arrives as a “download”, in its entirety and often with powerful, palpable experiences of the divine. The compositions often open my heart powerfully as they bring uplifting insight, deep healing and Grace.

Years ago, I recorded my first two CDs:

Grateful Day

Forever Love







and since my last newsletter, I have recorded
four more!!  And, the music keeps coming….

Christmas Presence

Some Other Time, Some Other Place







Living Love

All the World’s My Family







These CDs are prescriptive, emotional support that can really be of service in this stressful & tumultuous time. They came through as and hold nurturing, loving frequencies to help people let go of fear and stress, and uplift them to embrace life and the fullness of their own spirit with gentleness, Grace, ease and joy! You can listen, stream and purchase through Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, CD Baby and BelovedHeartsong.com

The Cosmic Cradle

My Book, The Cosmic Cradle~ Lessons and Poetry on Living Life with a Lifted Spirit originally published in 2004, has been revised and is now available in 3 formats; as an ebook/digital download on this site, and in paperback and kindle on Amazon. All the material in this book was channeled through as timely and timeless teachings and inspiration for living life in joy!


I will add to my calendar and send emails out as my classes and events
shape up this year….at this point, I’m still working on it.
Would love to hear from you if you  already know you are interested in something.

My New Schedule


Wishing you all blessings of gentleness, Grace, ease and joy as you embark upon this new year.
May your hearts be filled with the light of love and deep gratitude,


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