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  1. Two New Web Sites! 

  2. Two New CDs!!!

  3. A Newly Revised Book!

  4.  FREE New Book that I’m a Contributing Author  in!

  5. A New Schedule of Classes!

TWO New Web Sites!  So excited to have this site, Open Your Hearts, my original website,  in it’s 3rd incarnation ! And, I have a new website just for my music! You can listen to my music, read song notes and lyrics , purchase individual songs and/or  CDs, read reviews and more! Visit Beloved Heartsong Music  Also, last year I gave a completely new web face to the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing: 
So… you can stay pretty busy perusing my sites these days!  I hope you enjoy them all and I welcome your feedback!

TWO New CDs!!  My new CD “Forever Love” is a compilation of songs that came through, composed in their entirety, as gentle, yet profound transmissions of love and Grace. These compositions offered emotional and energetic support as I was moving through powerful transitions in my own life, and as friends of mine were in different stages of dealing with the transition of death and dying.

front jpg“Forever Love” delivers uplifting, prescriptive frequencies to assist those in any stage of transition, their loved ones and caretakers; in opening and healing their hearts, letting go, and transforming fear and grief into inner strength and peace. I am very proud of this work as I did the piano, vocals and instrumentation on it. I have gotten wonderful feedback on it from people who have used it as support in their grief and with those dying. I used it with my mother as she transitioned in January 2013 and it made a beautiful difference for Mom, the family and caregivers in many ways.

It is my vision and my prayer that this CD be available for patients, families and caregivers at home and in hospitals, healing centers, hospice, palliative care and grief centers worldwide. If you wish to assist in distribution, please contact me. And, I would love to hear about your experiences with this CD!

Grateful Day cover
My first CD, Grateful Day, is newly Re-mixed and Re-mastered, and sounds so beautiful! Most tracks have been lengthened, some have had other instruments added in and the technology available today has made it possible for it to sound much richer, clearer and dynamic than the earlier version! I am so excited about the greatly improved quality of sound. The CD is comprised of all  easy listening instrumentals.

The Cosmic Cradle



 My Book, The Cosmic Cradle~ Lessons and Poetry on Living Life with a Lifted Spirit originally published in 2004, has been revised and is now available in 3 formats; as an ebook/digital download on this site, and in paperback and kindle on Amazon. All the material in this book was channeled through as timely and timeless teachings and inspiration for living life in joy!





FREE E-book, Opening to Abundance
Jamie Miller invited me along with several other authors to contribute to her e-book about creating abundance. Attract more money, health, wealth, love and joy into your life NOW!




My New Schedule of Classes –

Offering  LaHo-Chi Trainings 
Continuing Education Hours for Massage Bodyworkers and Acupuncturists!

and Sacred Tantric Dance Classes for Women

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