Sacred Dance

Sacred Tantric Dance for Women

“Opening to the Goddess Within,
Allowing Ourselves to be Danced by the Divine,
We Find Ourselves at One With Life and All Beings.
We experience the truth of the Divine Feminine
and remember just how powerful and Grace-full we are.”
~Beloved Heartsong, Facilitator/Instructor

*** Participant’s testimonials at bottom of page!

This ancient Dance form of the Goddess and of the Divine Feminine is a remarkable and highly powerful meditative movement therapy, providing for Profound Transformation and Awakening within all aspects of our Being. (Plus, it’s ecstatic and fun!).

Undulating, serpentine and wave-like movements are ignited by a conscious raising of Shakti Kundalini Energy. This creates openings and alignment with greater universal energies, weaving together many aspects of Self. Through Ancient Breathwork and focused movements, (which are especially akin to Women), we will be pulsed by subtle energies and electromagnetic impulses. Focused internally, we will come to revelations like never before and Dance the Ecstasy of our True Authentic Nature into Being.

Class Size is Limited ~ Must RSVP!

Dance Class Includes:

  • A safe, Sacred Space created for all women present
  • Once secret Tantric Yoga Breath Techniques
  • Chakra Breathing/Opening of the 72,000 Nadis, (Energy lines within our Subtle Energy Field)
  • Women’s Power Movements: The Sacred Geometry of the Dance, (Includes Belly Dance Instruction)
  • Tantric Breathing in Motion – Raising Kundalini Energy
  • Ancient Wisdom Teachings relating to Women; Remembering the power of the True Feminine
  • Deep Understanding of and the appropriate and ecstatic use of a woman’s natural sexual energy
  • Loving and Remembering your body as Sacred
  • Focused Intention, Prayer and Meditation
  • Individual Journey Dance (the part of the program that every woman looks forward to the most)
  • Shared Insights
**This work is for women of all ages. No dance experience is necessary- this is not about doing certain moves or looking good, this is about opening to our Higher Selves and allowing ourselves to be danced by the Divine. Sacred Tantric Dance offers the receiving and anchoring of the highest intentions and frequencies of the Divine Feminine as love and light into the body. It is a powerful and yet gentle opening into the Higher Self as we become danced by our true Spirit and Grace. This is one of the most important and powerful tools for healing and transformation I have ever experienced. I am so honored and blessed to facilitate and witness the thrill of awakening, blossoming, sacred spiritual awareness and true beauty as women embody these teachings. It brings me great joy to share it with all who feel called to the classes. Come see for yourself how powerful and amazing it is! ~ Beloved

Beloved’s Aura Photos Taken Before and After Sacred Tantric Dance Class!

Before Sacred Tantric Dance

Beloved Before Sacred Tantric Dance
Photo by Heidi Skye

Beloved After Sacred Tantric Dance

Beloved After Sacred Tantric Dance
Photo by Heidi Skye





“Existence has to be thought of only in terms of
a dancer and his dance. You cannot separate them;
the dancer and the dance are one. At the highest peak
of dancing, the dancer disappears into the dance;
there is no dancer but only dance.” Osho





Here’s what participants have to say about this class!

“This workshop was so absolutely amazing and heart opening. I feel so blessed to have witnessed the dance of the divine, the beautiful expression of Spirit in each and every woman that shared her dance with us! Really, this has been so profoundly healing and inspiring! I am full of gratitude for all that has been given!” –CL, Washington, DC

“The best day! I’ve been dancing for years and I’ve never felt more alive and connected! Highest praise!” –KD, Chevy Chase, MD

“The workshop was fabulous. It never ceases to amaze me that this portal that is opened( in the dance), comes through me and such powerful and transformative energy moves me to express all the “Me’s” of all time. It is primal, core work and I reach heights of ecstasy!”–NI, Bethesda, MD

“Being there and being allowed to express my inner feelings, and just move my body to the music, was so foreign to me, and again, yet so natural.  The energy I felt among the other women, the love and acceptance was something that I have been yearning for and needing so badly in my life.   As I write these words, my body is trembling and I am getting weepy.  Not because I am sad but the opposite, I am so happy to have met you!  Thank you again for sharing your beautiful spirit, energy and love with me.  You have a gift and I feel so lucky to have been on the receiving end of your guiding light! ”
Love, J.W., MD

“This workshop was one of the best I have ever attended! The information and interaction was nicely blended to create an integrated experience. I would highly recommend this to every woman to embody the divine feminine to its fullest potential.” — LG, Mt. Shasta, CA

“I found the whole experience beautiful and amazingly transforming. I appreciate Beloved’s clarity, Grace and professional guidance throughout every aspect of the class. The class held my interest the entire time! Where has this been all my life? I look forward to doing many more classes.”
–CG, Mt. Shasta, CA

“Wow! What a fabulous, miraculous energetic journey! My body feels fluid, my mind is clear, my emotions are stable and my Spirit is soaring! Thank you!”
–SM, Mt. Shasta, CA

“Wonderful! This was a life affirming experience. Beloved is a gifted teacher who creates a sacred and safe space for women who are needing to get in touch with their Divine Feminine nature. ” –BW, Mt. Shasta, CA

“What an awesome class! You held such a safe and shakti filled space. It gave us all permission to fully express our true ‘Divine Self Freedom Songs.'”
— DG, Mt. Shasta, CA

“I’ve done around 3 or 4 Dance Classes with Beloved now. I never feel freer than when I am doing my Dance. I have taken the principles and used them in my own practice by myself. I remember my first one and how “nervous” I was. As soon as I stepped into the middle of the circle for my turn, which I intuitively “knew” when my turn was,…it was like I was transported…to another dimension, time and space. All notions of nervousness just completely dropped and were immediately forgotten. The Dance was coming through me not from me. I had visions and emotions and body movements that I could never have created consciously. And each Dance has been that way…coming through me not from me and transporting me to other times/dimensions/spaces. One time I even smelled African soil. Each one is a unique experience for me. I also feel like I am somehow gifting each woman through this experience as they gift me through their Dance. As a receiver, holding space and experiencing other women’s dance, it is just beautiful and each woman gifts the others through their own experiences and letting go.

It is a wonderful and beautiful way to bond with your “sisters” at a deep level that you would never get to just “hanging out”. Beloved helps create a very beautiful, sacred and safe space for you to just let go. This is something so sacred in my life that has helped me step into my feminine power. We are all goddesses and the Dance has helped me awaken my goddess. Thank you Beloved. Namaste, my Sister.”– DB., Durham, NC

“I experienced my first tantric dance session with you and it was an awesome evening! I have never experienced or shared so many emotions before and I am so grateful to have been able to participate with the other women. Thank you and many blessings!” — SW, Raleigh, NC

“I was so moved … I came with an open mind and left with an open heart. The warmth of the feeling of sisterhood, connection and total acceptance was life changing. Thank you.” — KB, Lenox, MA

“Thank you for a wonderfully safe and sacred place to appreciate and reconnect to my female energy. As a first timer, I felt immediately welcome and comfortable to dance and open myself to receive amazing energy. I can hardly wait for the next opportunity to share this wonderful experience. It was inspiring to share the dances and energies of the other women that had been at the dance before. It was enlightening to watch them going deeper into their Higher Self.”— LD, Raleigh, NC

“Experiencing the Sacred Tantric Dance was powerful for me. Women have for so long been stifled by our society (both women and men) when it comes to our sexuality. When in fact our bodies are totally miraculous and holy and to be free to express our own uniqueness with openness and heart felt gratitude for being born into this lifetime as women is totally awesome. The Dance helped me to get that. I would recommend it to other Crones because it only serves to deepen our wisdom and understanding as women at this time in our lives. ” — SJ, Raleigh, NC

“Beloved’s workshop was an incredible experience for me! Opening her home and heart, she lovingly created and helped us to hold deliciously sacred space in which I felt free to express, heal, grow and share. Thank you!” — GS, Ashland, OR

“This workshop was wonderful for me! Beloved’s clear, kind and generous presentation led all of us to relax to deeply experience what sacred dance can offer. Very individual sacred dance experience took me to a new level of feeling my deep feminine- which was my intention for the workshop.
–BW, Eugene, OR

“Beloved is a born teacher, her instinctive understanding of each person’s needs allows every tantric dancer to open up and experience their own heart. A life changing experience!” — MV, Danbury, CT

“Sacred Dance is a magical experience. Let it carry you, leaving self-consciousness behind, to a place where spirit guides your movements to bring sacred energies into your life and into the world. It is an experience of bonding deeply with the divine feminine and with sisters in the spirit. It matters not what your size or shape, your age or agility, the dance will dance you in a sacred experience.” — LM, Durham, NC

“I wanted to write about what the tantric dance meant to me. I know I’ll be wordy, because there is no shorter way for me to describe it. Also, the spiritual experience I had continues to grow in me every day!

“I went into the Tantric dance, not knowing what to expect. I had heard things about the dance and I went into it with trepidation. The first thing, I experienced was the soothing atmosphere of the room. Candles, soft pillows and Beloved’s smile helped to calm my nerves. Her gentle voice and explicit explanations of the breath work, helped me learn about myself as woman and to honor the goddess within. I relished every new breath. I wanted to learn more and more. I liked the warm feeling it created with in me.

It was time for the dances. How awestruck I was when I saw each goddess perform their dance. What would mine be like? I needed to remember the breathing and ask for an intention. I was still nervous. I did my breathing again. Then I saw it. A vision of an angel! It was my sign. I would be next to dance.

I stood up and waited for the music. I breathed. The music started and my body began to move. My dance reflected my intention – it was a releasing of emotions and feelings that I had buried for a very long time. It was the most powerful, sacred moment I have ever experienced. My heart has healed. Love and Blessings,” — EG, Pittsfield, MA

“Your Sacred Dance class opened up a dusty box with tools I had forgotten were there in me. I felt settled, safe, connected, loved. I loved after effects. I loved being fully loved and loving. All sensation. My mind didn’t need to be wrestled with. I was led to move and followed without judging or planning. I was played like an instrument and delighted in what poured out of me as rhythms, shapes, levels. Truly ecstatic. I was fully supported by the Divine. Much love,” L J, Falls Church, VA

“I found your teaching grounded, inspiring and powerful. The journey was really transformative. Thank you for being a channel of the goddess! Namaste,”
CA, Raleigh, NC

“This was my 2nd time taking the class and I’m experiencing a true integration of the dance. This time has been the most expansive opening experience that I have been a part of in all the training classes I have taken. It is such a heart opening experience to watch each woman dance. It touches my heart. I see only Spirit when the dance is done. I’m grateful to grow into the light and have Sacred Tantric Dance as an integral part of my self-care. I can’t wait to take it again!” –LM, Raleigh, NC

“I will now head myself down a beautiful path I see ahead. This class was DIVINE. A blessing, and life changing. I am more of a woman. I have SISTERS forever and new loved ones in my heart. My cells are stronger. My smile is bigger, brighter. I am taller. I am forever grateful to Beloved for her beautiful Spirit and the perfect kind of day. I am alive!” –KC, Sanford, NC

“Most wonderful, heart-lifting, soul expanding, sister re-connecting experience! My entire being is lighter in every respect. Thank you!”
–BM, Kernersville, NC

” I am so filled with love and joy from the class. I healed some HUGE stuff for myself and it was beautiful. I let layers fall away as Spirit filled me and loved me with each of you surrounding me. Thank you sweet sister goddesses, Thank you!” –MN, Raleigh, NC

“I absolutely loved the class! It was very powerful and gentle. The connection between all of us was amazing…I felt it…it was so freeing…so much has happened in my inner life, lots of shifts, and the workshop was so perfect for me. I feel more love, freedom and power in my life. Lots of clearing lately and I guess my dance reflected that in a sense. I feel like I am finally starting to understand feminine power and surrendering to what is…Thank you so much! You are a great teacher! You are so real and authentic…I am learning from you! I feel that Spirit is helping me in my journey toward Love, Authenticity, Healing and Service.
–FS, Port Charlotte, FL

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