The Gift of Music

by Beloved Heartsong

Archangel Uriel as channeled through Beloved July 6, 2000

Originally published in Inner Change Magazine- June/July 2003

music is lifeHave you ever danced in the magical flow? The love created through interaction with music expands as light mingles with sound, creating energy patterns, vibrations and healing for the entire universe. The song of all life fills all with harmony and peace – a union of spirits – the song and dance of the One.

In this place, the divine manifests into form. Through music, creativity takes shape, constantly changing, enveloping, merging and uniting all life, all hearts, all minds, to beat and breathe and resonate with the love of Source. All kingdoms lift the vibration of each other through their sounds/tones. The vibration, energy and sound of a birdsong or cricket, wave or voice, stirs and stimulates energy in others – healing, opening and gifting. Even crystals can sing. Different songs are received and heard in different ways by each kingdom.

Hear the music in your own voice – in the wind, in all life. Let it move you to dance – the dance of life – of all creation. Feel it inspire you to create, to shape and mold yourselves into greater visions and expanding manifestations of love. Feel the gift of Spirit as it sings to you in new ways. Look to yourselves to discover new ways to bring music and the joy of its dance to yourself and others.

Let all your senses be opened and flooded with the music of the One – the song of all life.


The song of all life,

encodings of the soul,

Brings universal truth

Into shape to unfold.

The music we make,

The vibrations we hear,

Releases separation,

Illuminates fear.

Flowing and dancing

Creation divine ~

The Union of hearts and opening minds.

Glimpsing great beauty

A gift to behold ~

My heart expands

As it fills my soul.

The sound of the One ~

Spirit in flight,

The music we are,

The song of all life.

— Beloved Heartsong

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