bannerjouneyBeloved offers Custom Retreats and Tours in Mt. Shasta, CA &
has been offering these week-long summer retreats since 2003!

“Most Exciting & Fun-Filled Retreat…Ever!”

In Beautiful Mt. Shasta, CA!
Not Scheduled for 2023

With Beloved Heartsong

Experience the magic & grandeur of one of the most
spiritually powerful and beautiful places in the world!!

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During this trip you will visit, explore and spend time in places that open your heart, lift your spirit and soothe your body and soul. Beloved will lead you on inner and outer journeys, exciting experiences in power spots and places that rejuvenate your mind, body and Spirit! Evening programs will offer the music and entertainment of some of Mt. Shasta’s extremely talented, local and visiting musicians.

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Anton & Laura
Nancy Crystal
John Schultz

As part of the journey, you will have the opportunity to experience meditations, channelings, activations, clearings and the healing energies of Mt. Shasta and well known and respected healing facilitators. We will visit pristine alpine meadows, crystal clear lakes, and magnificent waterfalls where you can relax and soak in the expansive outdoors in powerful, sacred spots. Although we will have a full schedule, there will also be free time for you to play, relax, shop, sight-see, and to schedule a fantastic massage/healing session with John Schultz or Nancy Crystal!

“I traveled to and spent time in Mt. Shasta more than 30 times before I moved here in 2006! The heart of the mountain called me home and I couldn’t resist! It is a magical and soul stirring place that lifts and opens hearts. It brings me great joy to share the splendor of this place with those of you who feel called to join me.” ~Beloved

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Discounted Rate for Early Sign-up!

$250 Deposit Required Now to Reserve Your Space &
Balance due by July 15th
(After July 15th, $1500)

Cost of Retreat Includes:
Welcome Dinner,
Evening Concerts & Events!

(Transportation, Other Meals
& Accommodations not included.)

Best to get lodging and airfare ASAP
as cost goes up seasonally!

**I will be happy to help you plan, & coordinate lodging, travel and sharing of rental cars!

Bring Your Friends….$50 off for each person you enroll!

Air BnB and vacation rentals usually need to be booked early as
Mt. Shasta is a small town and attracts
many visitors and spiritual seekers from all over the world!
I recommend staying at the Treetop Sanctuary!


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Read what these travelers have to say about their Sacred Journey to Mt. Shasta!!

This was one of the best trips I have ever taken! This was my 4th visit to Mt. Shasta and it was my most favorite. As a world traveler, the mountain itself and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever been to. I enjoyed this trip immensely because we all shared so much love, laughter and support. I loved swimming in the lake, hiking on the mountain and going to the waterfalls, bathing in the hot springs, and all the fantastic musicians who performed each night for us. Everything fell into place effortlessly and I really appreciated how organized and well thought out each detail of the entire week was for the whole group. I was very impressed and appreciative of Beloved’s attention to each individual’s needs and interests. I had life changing experiences and went home with a full and joyous heart! I also loved the comfortable, homey and spacious condos we stayed in. We had everything we could possibly need at our fingertips. Count me in for next summer’s trip!! Thank you!! C. Hoff 2005 Durham, NC

Going to Mt. Shasta with Beloved was a journey I will cherish in my heart forever. Beloved shared many magical places with us on the mountain and the surrounding area that took my breath away and heightened me energetically and spiritually. Every place and every person I encountered was a true blessing. I left Shasta feeling a new found attunement to the divine in myself. Beloved exudes pure love and joy and makes you feel right at home at all times. Being in her presence combined with the majestic power of the mountain was more than I could have ever asked for. It was effortless to see the divine in all. I am forever changed and blessed. Thank you Beloved! H. Grunwald 2004 and 2006! Pittsfield, MA

Beloved is certainly a superior Shasta Sherpa! Beloved is a master organizer and she brought together an amazing array of performers, healers, artists and friends who made our exploration of inner and outer space on this Sacred Mountain so very special. Mt. Shasta is a high vibrational place. It is unlikely, if you are a light player, that you will leave there unchanged. The Mountain will charge and amaze you and Beloved knows the entire area very well. Prepare. Be ready for activation, amazing meditations, and the remarkable becoming everyday. On a scale of 1 – 10 this trip was a 25!! L. Marks 2003 Phoenix, AZ

In the deepest parts of my heart I cannot remember ever having a more spectacular time in this incarnation! Mt Shasta was all Beloved promised it would be, and more. It has become a major catapulting forward on my Earth journey, and there is so much to integrate, a process of unending delight! Beloved’s role as Shasta Sherpa was wonderful, and I will always be grateful for all the work she put into creating such a nice Spiritual Retreat. I now have great memories to last me decades! D. Hedgecock 2003 Greensboro, NC

During my experience with Beloved at Mt. Shasta, I felt like I was being held by gentle arms of grace and love. Beloved made sure that everyone and everything was taken care of while still giving everyone the space to allow their own journey to unfold. The energy of the mountain is so powerful, and it enabled me to have liberating and life changing experiences! I hope to do this trip every year with Beloved! W. Perry 2004 Pittsfield, MA

Beloved’s overall knowledge of the area in and around Mt. Shasta was profound. We went to many places and concerts that only a local resident might know about. I felt like a traveler rather than a tourist. Her many friends in Mt. Shasta embraced us with open arms. This is a trip I will always remember. S. Hunter 2004 Raleigh, NC

I was blessed to be with Beloved in Mt. Shasta and experience her magical journey filled with love and joy. Of all the spiritual quests I have been on this was one of the most inspiring and expanding. Beloved is the essence of the Goddess—filled with light, laughter and love. She creates sacred space for each person to walk their path in reverence and bliss. Beloved is an open heart, sharing her profound spirit in the mystical surroundings of Mt. Shasta. Each day of the trip was better than the day before. This was an unforgettable time I will hold in my heart forever. D. Pennini 2004, 2005 & 2006!! Lafayette, CA

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