I journeyed to Mt. Shasta, in northern California, 30 times in 7 years before I moved here in 2006! Some of my best memories here are of my travels to the expansive inner dimensions of Self that have become a favorite part of me. The thrill of discovery of Self is far more rewarding than the usual entertainment made available by society, and it is accessible from any point in the universe. Yet, Mt. Shasta seems to propel seekers into their inner expansion in a powerful way.

My first visit to Mt. Shasta afforded me a new view, a new portal and perspective into my own consciousness. Every visit and my time living here has been time well spent; truly a blessing far greater than I could have imagined; and all of it, full of soul activation and evolution. The high dimensional energy of this dormant volcano and the community here, stirs up, lifts and opens the hearts, minds and Spirit of those who live here and visit, in a most powerful way.

Mt. Shasta is not only beautiful and life-changing, but is also known as a spiritual Mecca. People travel from all over the world to experience the availability of many high spiritual teachers, healers, authors, musicians and places. Everywhere you go, there are magnificent views, magical spots in nature and the welcoming faces of loving hearts.

There are so many beautiful waterfalls and lakes, trails and secret places of breath-taking beauty to visit. You can go somewhere new and wonderful everyday for months. But, one of the most amazing sights of all, is the sight of people connecting to themselves and each other in a very “real” and meaningful way. It is so common to see people communing with nature on their own, to see someone meditating by a stream or under a tree, or to joyfully witness a couple of friends reuniting and remembering each other through soul gazing on a street corner or in a grocery store.

There is a level of communication and understanding in Mt. Shasta that I have not witnessed anywhere else. The people I know who live here are not only opening their hearts and minds to a greater degree, they operate through their subtle energetic awareness. They intuit and rely upon their guidance more as a collective than in other places. They speak and listen silently- hearing loud and clear the messages of spirit, intention, heart and body. They live in the flow and grace of “thinner veils”- knowing each person is choosing to live and attain their highest intention, unfolding and fulfillment of heart and Spirit. Even the street banners proclaim, (this is) “Where heaven meets Earth!”

It is easy to feel like a God or Goddess while basking in the sun and splendor of this majestic mountain. The air is perfectly dry and the breeze gentle. The sky is the bluest ever and the water and snow sparkle like there are diamonds in them. I always find myself thinking like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “I’m not in Kansas anymore!” It’s as if I have magical glasses on that have enhanced my vision and perception.

If you ask the inhabitants of Mt. Shasta why they are there, you will hear the same story over and over. They will respond, “The mountain called me and my heart found it’s home.” It is not only a home in the physical sense, but for them and myself as well, it is a coming home to Self and to soul family that is most profound. The synchronistic flow of life in a place that brings your heart such joy and fullness is a great blessing. And, it seems that the people who feel called to Mt. Shasta find in the mountain and each other, a vital part of their own heart and of their soul’s evolution and ascension.

I offer summer retreats in Mt. Shasta. It is common to hear participants exclaim, “This is the most joy I’ve ever felt in my life!” and, “This is the best day I’ve ever had!” All I can do is agree and reply, “Yes! I have frequently felt the same way!” They wonder how they can bring that glorious feeling they are experiencing within, home with them.

The greatest gift I have gleaned from the mountain is the magical, mystical union of self with Spirit. It is not held by the mountain, rather, it is inspired by the mountain. It is within each of us to recognize and remember the power and beauty of Spirit as we see it in every beautiful scene and aspect of life and in each other’s eyes and hearts.

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