Angel of Healing by Aeoliah




Listed below are two of my dearest, closest friends. They are loving, heart centered, extremely talented and skilled at what they do and are completely present with you every minute of your session. I have received regular body work from both of them for over 20 years and they are truly the best of the best! If you have any questions about their work, feel free to ask me or contact them directly. To schedule your sessions, please contact them directly.


John Schultz

530-925-3033 Cell

John has been a master facilitator & instructor of Shiatsu bodywork for over 45 years and has extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine. His massage is strong, intuitive, deep and sensitive. You can go to him or he will be happy to come to wherever you are staying for your convenience.
**You will be fully clothed for this massage.



Nancy Crystal

Nancy Crystal
530-925-4082  Cell

Trained as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, in Cranial Sacral & Visceral Therapies, Nancy utilizes subtle energy & physical bodywork assisted by the Angels, Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters.Nancy is great at helping you shift & release long held patterns in the body-often times helping to alleviate the need for medication or surgery, or undoing damage done by previous injuries or surgery. Her work is extremely unique, gentle and yet very powerful.
**You will be fully clothed for this massage.