Headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta City Park

This is a great place to fill up your water bottle! Fresh, vibrant, delicious water from the source! It is also a wonderful place to sit and BE! The energies here are pristine, rejuvenating and calming.  And, you meet really interesting people as you fill up your water bottle!




Panther Meadow

 Panther Meadow on Mt. Shasta

Legend has it that Mount Shasta was the last refuge of the survivors of the lost continent of Lemuria. There are many stories of spiritual sightings, and perhaps the most famous one was experienced by Mr. Guy Ballard, who founded the I AM spiritual movement in 1934 following an experience he had in Panther Meadow in 1930 when he met St. Germain.

An engineer, Ballard had been sent on business to the little town of Shasta by the Government. In his book, Unveiled Mysteries, he describes how he set out one morning at dawn in a vague sort of way, asking God to direct his path. Around lunchtime, he found himself in the meadow. Bending down to drink from the spring, he felt a strong electrical current pass through his body. He turned to see a young man, who at first glance appeared to be a hiker. Ballard soon realized he was no ordinary person. The stranger speaking to Ballard then proceeded to reveal his identity as the Master St. Germain. (St. Germain is an Ascended Master who reappears in different eras of time to guide and teach humanity.)

A few days later, Ballard was to meet St. Germain again in the meadow. Instead, as he sat waiting, a panther emerged and slowly approached him. Even though he was immobilized with fear and panic, a feeling of love swept over him and went out like a ray of light directly to the panther. The fear went away. The panther rubbed against his leg and rolled over like a pet. Suddenly, St Germain appeared. He told Ballard that, although he did not have anything to do with the appearance of the panther, it had served as a test to demonstrate how Ballard had been able to conquer his own fear by sending out love. “Now that you have passed the test of courage,” he said, “It is possible for me to give much greater assistance. Each day you will become stronger, happier, and express much greater freedom.” Thus was named Panther Meadow.





Castle Lake

This crystal clear glacial  lake in a granite bowl is surrounded by pine forests.
It is a beautiful and inviting sanctuary for the soul.





enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest

This sacred place is one of my secret, personal favorite spots in Mt. Shasta. It is off the beaten path one of the most magical and alive places I’ve ever been!






Lake Siskiyou

Lake Siskiyou

A great place to swim! What a view!!!







Middle Falls

McCloud Falls

There are 3 beautiful falls to visit here: the lower, middle & upper falls.
This view is of Middle Falls.





burney falls

Burney Falls State Park

The park is within the Cascade Range and Modoc Plateau natural region, with 910 acres of forest and five miles of streamside and lake shoreline, including a portion of Lake Britton.

The park’s centerpiece is the 129-foot Burney Falls, which is not the highest or largest waterfall in the state, but possibly the most beautiful. Additional water comes from springs, joining to create a mist-filled basin. Burney Creek originates from the park’s underground springs and flows to Lake Britton, getting larger along the way to the majestic falls.

Within the park, the water emerges as springs at and above Burney Falls, where it flows at 100 million gallons every day.

Burney Falls was named after pioneer settler Samuel Burney who lived in the area in the 1850s. The McArthurs were pioneer settlers who arrived in the late 1800s. Descendants were responsible for saving the waterfall and nearby land from development. They bought the property and gave it to the state as a gift in the 1920s.



Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls

This is a beautiful place to sit and rest and cool off in the mist.

The hike to and from it are well worth it!



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