Art by Lumin White

Art by Lumin White


“Peace belongs to the soul. It is the expression of content awareness as presence in all experience. We are the eternal unfolding of infinite possibilities in each moment; holding the door open or shut, we are continuous creation. Who we are in our minds becomes who we are in the world. Focusing on individuation, we leave presence, peace and unity. As we return our focus and our awareness to our wholeness, truth informs us through the universal dialogue that animates and informs all life on all levels; the unified field of love.” ~Beloved Heartsong


As the energy of those who gather merges with the consciousness that comes through Beloved, the presence of All becomes One. Separation dissolves and we experience ourselves as “presence in essence” in The Unified Field of Love. We experience a state of Grace that puts us at ease, at peace and in a state of expanded awareness. This group experience is nurturing and healing and creates a beautiful and profound bond; turning strangers into family. The group’s Higher Self as a collective directs what comes through Beloved with inspirational, uplifting, heart opening and soul affirming messages of love and empowerment. The Unified Field of Love includes us All… our individual and collective consciousness, the Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, Nature, the elementals, and loved ones and pets who are in Spirit… all life through all time, space and dimension.




by Joseph Pio Asterita, (See Explanation below chart)

neurofeedback/brainwave analysis

When I offered Beloved my services to monitor her brainwave patterns during her channeling session, she enthusiastically agreed. We both saw this as an opportunity to enhance our view of her spiritual connections with factual data as well as determining what mental state a person should be in to be a conduit for divine information.

The results revealed that one need not be in a deep meditative state to relay inspired messages. Instead, Beloved showed that she was in the doorway of a meditative state and that doorway is a state of peaceful relaxed consciousness known as the Alpha state.

The following will describe the two brainwave states, Theta and Alpha that are key to channeling as well as the results of the monitoring of Beloved’s brainwave patterns during an hour long channeling session.

Alpha Brainwaves, range from 8 to 12 cycles per second and, as with all brainwaves, are measured in micro volts. Alpha waves induce a calm, peaceful state of mind experienced as a sublime state of presence in the moment. Unlike thinking brainwaves or what is called Beta waves which are the signature of a busy mind; Alpha waves induce openness to creative insightful impressions that flow into ones consciousness. During her session, Beloved exhibited extremely high Alpha waves, four times higher than normal, showing openness to insight and energy to relay that high amount of creative insight.

Theta Brainwaves, range from 4 to 8 cycles per second, and is the vehicle imagery, dreams, and bursts of creativity travel on. When we’re asleep, Theta waves bring us dreams, when awake, creative impulses and bursts of insight are the prize. We have no control over Theta waves; they just come from deep within us.

The baseline reading at the left end of the graph show Beloved’s Alpha waves at 10 micro volts and Theta at about 12 micro volts which are about average for an awake person.
Session Start – Theta increases to 20 micro volts while Beloved’s Alpha brainwaves soar to 35 micro volts. Here we see her in a very relaxed state, alert, energized and receiving imagery. In the case of channeling, the imagery manifests as messages from deep within. Consciously, Beloved is not speaking but the spirit is speaking through her yet her brain functions now as a conduit for the spirit. We assume that the increased micro voltage manifests as both Beloved’s relaxed state as well as the energy of the spirit speaking through her.

Archangel Michael Speaks – Theta increases to 25 micro volts as Alpha climbs to 46 micro volts. Beloved’s highly elevated brainwave energy is showing that the intense activity deep within her psyche, displayed as Theta waves, has increased. Likewise, the energy from Michael working through Beloved is displayed in the surge of Alpha brainwaves. (Her relaxed and joyous state, manifesting as elevated Alpha waves, are keeping her mind as on open channel allowing inner energy to come out to the physical world.)

Mother Mary Speaks – We all thought that the softness and gentleness of the Divine Feminine would manifest as a lowering of Beloved’s energy as Mother Mary spoke through her. To my surprise, as I watched my computer screen, Beloved’s brain wave strength actually increased as Mother Mary began to relay messages through Beloved. Alpha brainwaves peaked to 50 micro volts and Theta brainwaves to 30 micro volts, the highest surge of the session.

Mary Giving a Blessing – More profound readings came as Mother Mary called forward a woman from the small group of listeners for a special blessing. The woman came forward and as Beloved placed her hands on the woman’s head and whispered a blessing into her ear, Beloved’s brainwave energy dropped dramatically to half the values from before the blessing. This drop can be surmised to be a transference of energy from Beloved to the woman as Mother Mary blessed the woman and sent healing energy from Beloved into her.

Mother Mary Leaves, Questions & Answers – Conditions became somewhat placid after the blessing. When Mother Mary finished her message and left Beloved’s consciousness, other entities became available for a question and answer session. We see here Beloved’s energy increasing to higher levels reflecting their intensity.

Session results indicate a pronounced increase of Alpha and Theta brainwave energy during Beloved’s channeling session. The reason for the increased energy may be due to Beloved’s mental state of relaxation which points to the technique of channeling, i.e. deep relaxed presence of mind which allows energy from the psyche to manifest. As well as, the energy from the entities whose presence during the session, caused an increase of Beloved’s brainwave activity. Indications from this experiment show that to be a pathway for spiritual messages and/or beings, one need enter a sublime relaxed state, living in the present moment, with little to no mental activity.

Equipment Used: Brainmaster Neurofeedback unit, Brainmaster Level 2.0 Neurofeedback software, Dell Latitude Notebook PC

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beloved headshot2Through several profound spiritual activations and awakenings that began in 1995 as she came to LaHo-Chi Energy Healing, Beloved had her subtle senses and inner guidance opened powerfully and she spontaneously began trance (and later “conscious”) channeling the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Spirit guides. Through the years, she has received volumes of poetry, teachings, books, music and the blessing of continued opening, expansion and guidance.

Through the varied work she offers, Beloved is joyously passionate about assisting others to develop their spiritual mastery and growth by opening to their own inner guidance and connection to the divine through the mystical and magical path of the heart.