Open Your Hearts

with Beloved Heartsong

It is my joy and passion to co-create and facilitate spiritual awakening, transformation, healing and growth.

As we open our hearts in each moment to be fully present in our lives, for ourselves and each other, we come together as expanding spiritual community in hopes of nurturing, healing and uplifting ourselves, each other and our world. The benefits, of course, are immeasurable.

It is important to me to live and support others in living an empowered, joyous, heart centered and enthusiastic life. All that I teach and share is based on this commitment. My personal openings and spiritual growth unfolded as I came to the work I now teach and share with others. So… I am devoted to the integrity of the heart and it’s resonance as it shapes and guides me through every moment.

As the Director of the LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing, I travel around the country teaching LaHo-Chi and Angel Light; two complimentary modalities of spiritual energetic healing. I also teach/facilitate Sacred Tantric Dance classes for Women. and offer personal intuitive/life coaching/ channeling sessions for individuals & groups.

It is such a thrill to witness my students opening to the blessing of their own divine essence and presence. This work brings quantum leaps in spiritual growth and life path, purpose and direction.

It was this continually unfolding and empowering spiritual growth that first brought the magical and mystical gifts of Spirit through me as inspired writings, teachings and musical compositions. My CDs Grateful Day and Forever Love came to me as powerful, heart opening, spiritual, energetic experiences.

One of my greatest joys is in leading tours and spiritual retreats to and around Mt. Shasta, CA. I love living in this magical and soul stirring place and BE-ing here is an exciting and full adventure!

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Many of you knew me in years past as Kim Spalding. As we all change in many ways throughout our lives, my heart now happily resonates with the name Beloved. It bests supports my choice to see and honor All life and All beings as the face of God- we are all the Beloved.

Blessings of peace, joy and gratitude in

One heart, One light and One love,