What is Love?

Valentines Day is approaching and with it, I’ve been thinking about love and the myriad faces of it.

Love isn’t something to long for.
Love is what we lead with, as and through. Love is what our true “compass”, our Selves, talents, abilities and lives are informed by…Source.

We often mistakenly long for that which we already are. It is a perceptive inaccuracy; a misunderstanding of wholeness. We and all our “parts”, can never be separate from the whole of who we are; Source. We can observe and judge, yet this, in and of itself, creates the perception of separation. There is no need for it, except to re-create our thoughts and experience through free will. This process of “miscreation” seems to be outside of us, but it is really our choice to place something else upon the screen of our lives… to view, examine and delve deeper into and eventually learn from.

Once we integrate this learning, we bring the piece(s) we separated from, back into re-membering; into wholeness…back into the fullness of love that we are. Labels, faces, colors, smells, flavors, textures, ideas, energies, are all tools that help us name, judge, and place value upon the aspects of life that we witness and embody.

Because we observe, we often decide it is not who we are. This is naive thinking. It is the habitual thinking of humanity, yet we can just as easily choose to observe with the thought, “I am that, too!” and “I, too, am that!” Recognizing and celebrating our vastness individually and collectively, returns us to Source, love, acceptance, introspection, peace and joy. As we realize we are already that which we seek, there is nothing to envy or reject. We are simply noticing the infinite aspects of Source, our True Self, through our “I’s”. This unifying awareness takes us into the Unified Field of Love; the divinity/sacred whol-e-ness (holiness) of who and what we all are…Source… Love.

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